Meet Our Team

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Cameron White - Owner/Coach

Cameron is passionate about helping people achieve their health goals with a balance of stress management, sleep, fitness and nutrition. Her vision is to see CrossFit Clemson impact the lives of others through our supportive community atmosphere and quality training. Cameron is eager to help anyone, no matter their fitness level or performance goals. 

Favorite thing about CFC: The fact that it's a second family for many of our members.

I coach because.... I love helping people achieve things they never thought were possible. 

One interesting fact about myself is... I created a budget for myself in elementary school and had a lemonade stand throughout the summer to make extra money. 

CrossFit years of experience: 2 years

Graham Pioth - Coach

Graham is from Wilmington, NC and he is finishing up a degree in Financial Management from Clemson University.  Graham brings a lot of knowledgeable coaching experience to our team. He does an incredible job pushing each athlete individually through difficult workouts to make sure everyone performs at their highest potential. 

Favorite thing about CFC: "The people (especially Crossfit Beer nights). 

I coach because... "I enjoy pushing others to go harder and faster than they think they can go."

One interesting fact about myself: "I spent four years in the Marine Corps Infantry."

Josh Padgett - Coach


Josh is from Chicago, Illinois and he's currently working as a Physician's Assistant in a local hospital. Josh's experience as an athlete and coach in CrossFit is an asset for the gym.  He does a great job analyzing workouts for our classes to help members reach their maximum performance potential. 

Favorite thing about CFC: "It's given me the opportunity to meet people I never would have."

I coach because... "I understand the impact a good coach can have on athletes. I love watching people improve their fitness and live better lives."

One interesting fact about myself is... "I'm a huge superhero nerd. Marvel over DC."

CrossFit years experience: 5 years 


Stephanie LaPlaca - Coach

Stephanie is from Fairfax, Virginia and is currently working on her PhD. at Clemson University. Stephanie brings a lot of energy to the classes she coaches and she does a great job encouraging those around her. 

Favorite thing about CFC: "The community. Coaches and members push each other to be the best they can be. I've made some of my best friends here!"

I coach because... "I love helping people reach their goals. I get so excited seeing members hit PR's and learn new skills."

One interesting fact about myself is... "I love fishing - whether it's bass or sharks, I'll go fish any chance I get."

CrossFit years of experience: 2 years

Steven Kennedy - Coach
Bre Moser - Coach

Steven is from Miami, Florida and is working on an undergraduate degree at Clemson University. Steven does a great job breaking down the fundamental movements of CrossFit during the classes he coaches.

Favorite thing about CFC: "Everybody is fairly close with one another and they love to compete with each other. We always represent the gym well when participating in local competitions as well as the bigger competitions."

I coach because... "I love Olympic lifting and after CrossFit introduced me to the gymnastics skills aspect of fitness I fell in love with the sport So I would love to help people in their fitness journey experience what I have experienced."

One interesting fact about myself is... "When I finish school I want to work for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and become seminar staff for CrossFit Head Quarters."

CrossFit years experience: 2 years


Bre is originally from Columbus, Ohio and is working on a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology at Clemson University. Bre offers experience she's gained through training and competing in Olympic lifting as well as being a former college athlete. She brings a great energy to the classes she coaches. 

Favorite thing about CFC: "Being able to meet people I otherwise would not have met."

I coach because... "I had a lot of good coaches that shaped the athlete that I am today and I want to be that coach and role model for athletes at CFC."

One interesting fact about myself.... "I'm a huge college football fan. Go bucks and go tigers!"

CrossFit years experience: 2 years