With the school year starting back, our early morning class is now meeting at 6 am Monday-Friday. 

Clemson student? Be sure to look for us on August 20th at the Welcome Back Festival! 

Welcome to CrossFit Clemson


CrossFit Clemson (CFC) is located in the heart of Clemson, minutes from Clemson University. Our focus is to help you improve your overall health through balanced nutrition and functional fitness.  At CFC members safely learn proper movement and technique, which is consistently coached and re-coached in order to improve overall performance. We are a family who supports one another and holds each other accountable with the belief that iron sharpens iron. In other words, we make one another better!

CrossFit Clemson training is motivating, challenging, and results driven! Daily workouts are scaled (according to load/intensity) for any and all fitness levels. 

We are not your typical gym. At CrossFit Clemson, we always have a workout prepared for you to complete that day.  A certified CrossFit Coach leads each class to ensure proper mechanics, to challenge you, and to motivate you!

Curious? Ready to join? Send us an email to schedule a free initial consultation. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @CrossFitClemson for updates.  If you are new to CrossFit and looking to try out a class then the free Saturday morning community workout is for you! Each Saturday at 9 am we have a class open to visitors.